About Us

Experience and Evolution.

For over 30 years, Direct Group has been focused on servicing the direct to consumer market. When the company was launched in the mid 1980’s, marketing was primarily through catalogues and other printed material. Over the last ten years the emphasis has changed dramatically to include television, 22 websites and online marketing.

All the specialist knowledge gained over the years has allowed the group to optimise its processes, systems and infrastructure to service a direct to consumer business model.

Organisationally, the group is divided into two main operating divisions, each run relatively autonomously with selected services such as warehousing, distribution and IT infrastructure provided by a shared corporate team.

Direct Marketing

The Group’s original business unit, Innovations, has since expanded to include an additional nine brands - Infashion, Damart, Fox Collection, Victoria Hill, Entertainment Masters, Homecare, House of Pets, Home Collections and Gaiam. Each brand offers unique product ranges servicing different customer demographics through their Australian and New Zealand websites supported by catalogues, emails, online promotions and other marketing activities.


Direct Television

The TVSN and EXPO channels broadcast 24 hour shopping content on Freeview, Foxtel, Austar and Optus subscription TV services in Australia, as well as a live stream to their in-house websites. TVSN provides live TV shopping, showcasing a wide variety of merchandise in beauty, health, homewares, jewellery, fashion and electrical. EXPO’s business model is to sell airtime to external Direct Response TV advertisers in 30 second, 4 minute and half hour formats.

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Product Diversity

The group has developed a number of well established brands, each servicing a market niche of clearly defined loyal customers. This has enabled the group to develop product sourcing teams that are each totally focused on developing product ranges tailored to the interests and buying habits of their customers.

The expansion of the number of brands has allowed us to provide our existing and new customers a much richer product offering. Cross marketing between brands has increased both customer loyalty and average customer spend making customer acquisition more cost effective and providing a launch pad for new catalogues and product categories.

Key market niches serviced are:


Innovative general merchandise, furniture, gifts and bedding


Mature women's apparel and thermalwear for all

The Fox Collection

Needlework and craft


Lifestyle of health and sustainability

Entertainment Masters

Packaged home entertainment

Victoria Hill

Women's fashion apparel, shoes and accessories


Small kitchen appliances, homewares and personal items


Jewellery, beauty, health, electrical and homewares