Key Objectives

The key objectives of Direct Group are:
Customers: To provide all of our customers with an exceptional shopping experience.
Staff: To provide our staff with a safe, fulfilling, compelling and open work environment.
Environment: To adopt environmentally sound principles at work so that the business is sustainable. 
Social: To be consistently sensitive and responsive to the needs and welfare of the community around us.
Business Outcomes: To develop long-term business value through honest and equitable stewardship and sound business practices.

Our Values

Respect + Empathy
Teamwork + Communication
Results Oriented
Profit + Productivity

How We Do Business

The key elements of our business focus comprise:
        A direct and personal relationship with our customers.
        Connection with our customers through online, print, television and digital publications.
        A wide-ranging offer of hard and soft goods mixed with engaging information through published content and adding appropriate new verticals
        Focus on the 45+ market.
These elements have created long-term sustainable commercial growth.   

Corporate Governance

Direct Group takes a strong interest in and is an advocate of good corporate governance.
The Board is committed to fulfilling its corporate governance obligations and responsibilities in the best interests of all our stakeholders.
Our Corporate Behaviour is regulated by the following policies:
Code of Conduct
Safety Policy and Procedures
Human Resource Policies